What will people power change next?

Follow our live Twitter coverage of a special session on technology, social media, and mass-participation on Thursday, January 24 at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Recent developments in mobile and social technology—combined with the emergence of mass participatory models in business, media and politics— are rapidly changing citizen expectation about empowerment, democracy, choice and engagement— not just in the North, but globally.

What do world leaders think about this emerging trend? And what should they know about how people power is shaping your world?

Join us on Twitter @Global_Convo  Thursday, January 24th  at 7:30 AM CET (1:30 AM EST) for live, behind-the-scenes coverage of this special session at The World Economic Forum.


Speakers include:

We want to hear from you: Where is people power at work for social good in your community? Tweet your replies to @Global_Convo using #PeoplePower and #SocialGood.

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