China joins the Global Conversation

China’s Social Media for Social Good Alliance, Tsinghua University, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced the lineup for the Social Good Summit in Beijing.

The eight-hour program brings together leaders from major new media organizations, Chinese philanthropies, and international NGOs will discuss the unique role of Chinese social media for social good.

Here’s a sneak peek….


Session One: Social Media, Connecting to the World, Connecting to the Good

  • Mr. Jet Li, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Foundation; Founder of One Foundation
  • Ms. Kate James, Chief Communications Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Mr. Wenbin Yan, Director of China News for World Service Desk, Xinhua News Agency
  • Ms. Feng Chen, Chief, UN Website Chinese Unit, Department of Public Information / Ms. Fang Yang, Assistant Country Director, UNDP China

Session Two: Technology Innovation and Social Good

  • Mr. Bing Wang, Chairman of Ai You Foundation
  • Mr. Joe Chen, CEO of RenRen Group
  • Mr. Yuxiao Li, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tencent
  • Mr. Jianhang Jin, Vice President of Alibaba Group

Session Three: Social Media to Serve the Community

  • Mr. Feng Cheng, China Region Chief Representative, Family Health International
  • Ms. Qing Hai, Oxfam Ambassador, Actress
  • Mr. Zhe Feng, Men’s Horizontal Bar Champion, 2012 Olympics
  • Mr. Xiaohua Ji, CEO of, founder of Science Squirrels
  • Mr. Yongyuan Cui, Founder of Cui Yongyuan Foundation, CCTV anchor


Session Four: New Media

  • Shuxin Liang, Founder, Micro-Fundation                                
  • Changju Xu, Leading Member, Xiaoti DaZuo Micro-philanthropy

Session Five: New Fields

  • Peng Guo, Founder,
  • Kui Zhou, Leading Member,
  • Interactive Activity: Xunqian Ye, Theatre Director, Hong Kong

Session Six: New Content

  • Yan Zhai, Founder,
  • Min Shen, Leader, Black Apple Youth
  • Performance: He Fan, Member, Blackapple Youth
  • Interactive Activity: Xunqian Ye, Theatre Director, Hong Kong

Session Seven: Philanthropy is Responsibility

  • Yunwen Shi,                                             
  • Hao Li,
  • Ziyun Yang,
  • Xiaochao Bei, Sina Weibo
  • Yilei Tang, One Foundation
  • Zhuo Chen, Alibaba

Mark your calendars now to watch the live stream.

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